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17 October 2017 | Surreys 2018 - our achievements this year...
Surreys 2018 - dates confirmed...
EDSC has had four great weekends of swimming at the Surrey County Championships. The medals have been won by:
6 County Champions (13 golds):

Bella Vaughan (5) 50,100m and 200m fly and 400 and 800m freestyle
Luke Moore (4) 100m and 200m fly and 200m and 400m freestyle
Leila Flower (1) 200m fly
James Lawlor (1) 50m fly
Toby Payne (1) 200m breaststroke
Sadie Flynn (1) 400m IM
17 silver medalists:

Bella Vaughan (3) 200m backstroke and 200m and 400IM
Luke Moore (2) 50m and 200m backstroke
Eloise Howarth (2) - 200m backstroke and 200m fly
Hannah Torres (2) 100m and 200m fly
Niamh Hasselwander (2) 200m breaststroke and 400m freestyle
Ollie Way (1) 100m freestyle
Toby Payne (1) 400m IM
Pearle Griffiths (1) 400m freestyle
Sadie Flynn (1) 400m freestyle
George Croome (1) 200m fly
Charlotte Tame (1) 50m freestyle
19 bronze medalists:

Luke Moore (3) 200 IM, 100 backstroke and 50m fly
Niamh Hasselwander (2) 200m fly and 200m freestyle 
Eloise Howarth (2) 50m backstroke and 200m backstroke
Pearle Griffiths (2) 200m and 800m freestyle
Sadie Flynn (2) 200m and 800m freestyle
Ollie Way (2) 100m and 200m breaststroke
George Croome (2) 400m freestyle and 1500m freestyle 
Noah Palmer (1) 200m backstroke
James Lawlor (1) 200m fly
Charlotte Tame (1) 100m freestyle
Girls U16 freestyle relay (1): C Tame, P Griffiths, J Lawrence, C Alston
The following swimmers were also awarded medals in their overall age group category:
Luke Moore - Silver - Boys 10/11 overall age group award
Niamh Hasselwander - Bronze  - Girls 10/11 overall age group award
Bella Vaughan -Bronze- Girls 12 years overall age group award 
Total medal count of 13 golds, 18 silver and 21 bronze medals
Well done swimmers and to all who got great PBs!