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League and Team Galas

League Galas

Throughout the year the club enters teams in leagues galas at different standards of competition. Swimmers will be selected by the coaches to swim in these. If you are asked to swim in a gala for the club you will be notified via email and should respond as soon as possible. Details will be given to you regarding venue, timings and transport.

The club will usually put a swimmer in just a relay race for their first experience of competition as this helps to control the inevitable 'first race nerves'. So do not be disappointed if your swimmer only does one length in the evening - it is an honour to be chosen to swim for their club.

The age groups are (usually but not always) determined as age on the date of the gala so your swimmer will be swimming against other swimmers of a similar age who may be faster or slower. Swimmers will be told which event they will be swimming once they have arrived at poolside.

The races are within age groups against five other clubs. The exact number of teams competing depends on the league and the number of lanes at the host pool.

For younger swimmers the races are generally 50m (for the youngest age groups) individuals for each stroke, a Medley relay, a Freestyle relay and a Squadron relay. Swimmers may swim up an age group but may not swim down.

If you are selected to swim in a gala for the club you will be notified via email and should respond as soon as possible. Details regarding timings and transport will be provided.

On the night (See also "Swimmers for general advice)

If transport has been arranged then please arrive at the meeting point promptly. If you are making your own way to the venue then please arrive in good time, if you are late then the Coach/Team Manager will worry and may have to reallocate your swimmers races.

Once on poolside (although sometimes after warm up) a team sheet will be available and your swimmer will be able to read this to see which events they are swimming. Swimmers swim the stroke and distance allocated to them. There is no discussion about this as in the weeks prior to the competition a great deal of thought has gone into what stroke each swimmer should do. Relays are always swum in the order stated.

All swimmers are expected to stay until the end of the event and to support their team mates and to congratulate the winning club and the other participating clubs.