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Academy 1

Squad Coach: Seamus Higgins

Squad Aims & Objectives
  • To compete at County level and to develop 4 good strokes
  • Compete in Level 2 and 3 open meets

Accepted criteria for entry into Academy 1:
  • Must attend 4 sessions a week
  • Must attend Strength and Conditioning / Stroke development sessions after training
  • Attend 1 morning session
  • Must attend monthly time trials, Club Champs, internal galas and level 3 and 4 open meets

Qualifying squad times:

200m FR = 3.20:00

100m IM = 1.45:00

Other requirements:

200 BK with correct turns and under water phase

200 BR with correct turns and correct underwater pullouts

100 FLY holding good technique

Achieving the minimum required times does not guarantee a place in the squad