Weekend 2: 20 Surrey medals, Golds: Luke (2) and Bella (2), Silvers: Toby, Hannah, George C, Niamh, Pearle, Sadie, Luke, Bella, Bronze: Noah, Niamh, Pearle, Sadie, James, Charlotte T, Ollie, Luke.

Results for Long distance time trials, Sunday 4th June

/assets/documents/results long distance time trails june 2017.pdf

Results from Sprint Championships April 2017

/assets/documents/results (2).xps

Results are also uploaded to Hy-Tek

Club Champs 2015

Saturday 21st

Sunday 22nd

Saturday 28th

Sunday 29th

Sunday 13th

Monday 14th

Tradepaints Pre-Arena Gala - 20.9.2015

Kingston Royals A - 247

Epsom Disttrict Gold - 236

Leatherhead - 228

Kingston Royals B - 172

Epsom District Black - 102