ASA Championships

County Championships

These are the first major championships a competitive swimmer will encounter. They are held over a series of weekends January to March and are similar to a Level 1 Open meet in that there are only lower consideration times. However, it is not an open meet because they are only open to swimmers of clubs affiliated to the relevant County ASA which for EDSC is Surrey ASA. In the autumn of each year, the following years "county qualification times" are published on the Surrey ASA website. They alter a little each year (usually getting faster), but the previous years can be used as a guide. If your swimmer is faster than the time(s) published the club would expect your swimmer to compete. Full entry information will be posted on the website.

Regional Champs

These are the next level of Championships and are held May/June. Clubs from the South East Region are eligible to enter swimmers for this event who have achieved regional qualification times (these are published on the South East Region website). This is a high level of competition and the club would expect swimmers obtaining these times to compete. Qualifying times need to be achieved at licenced level 3 and above meets.

National Champs

This is the top level of "age group" swimming for swimmers aged 11-14 girls and boys followed by the National Youth Championship for girls and boys 15+. It is held in July/August and is open to all swimmers who achieve a national qualifying time. These are available from the ASA website. If your swimmer gets this far you will probably know what you are doing by then!