Annual Subscription:

Annual subscription is £72.00 per annum and varies with the month of joining and is then payable half yearly.

Month of Joining Fee Month of Joining Fee
Jan £18 Jul £18
Feb £12 Aug £12
Mar £6 Sep £6
Apr £36 Oct £36
May £30 Nov £30
Jun £24 Dec £24

Swim Fees

Swim fees are payable per quarter and are set as follows:

Squad Quarterly Fees
High Performance £269.88
Junior Performance £269.88
Junior Competition Squad £269.88
County Squad £236.05
Academy 1 £200.85
Academy 2 £178.03

Please note: That the summer fees in Quarter 2 will be reduced by £40.00 per quarter to reflect the ‘easing off’ of swimming over the summer. The membership remains an annual commitment even though it is charged over four quarters.

Swimmers’ entry fees for the Sprint and Club Championships are included in the above swimming fees.

Swim England Registration:

All members must be registered with Swim England (formerly the Amateur Swimming Association). The annual fee is £32.90 for competitive swimming (Category 2 membership), i.e., taking part in Open Meets/Surrey competitions or £14.60 for non-competitive, (Category 1 membership), (however this will still enable you to compete in our own Club Championships and Sprints) and is renewable in January each year. Swimmers in competitive squads are expected to have Category 2 membership in the year they turn 9 years old.

If you are already registered with Swim England with another club, a resignation form will also be enclosed to complete and return with your payment.